“Three hours of flying commercially is the same as one chest X-Ray.”

–Dr. Robert J. Barish, PhD, Lennox Hill Heart and Vascular Institute in New York, speaking on Ionizing Radiation absorbed by passengers at 35,000 feet. Dr. Barish is the author of The Invisible Passenger

Flyer’s Armor is made from ORGANIC FOOD and was developed to:
Protect Help protect from ionizing radiation, a well known cause of Cancer
Supercharge your body with Superfood and vitamins to “eat right” on the go
Balance mood, strengthen immunity, promote optimal brain function
Improve metabolism, help prevent blood clots & migraine headaches
Cure hangovers before they start (we’ve been told)

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In a 3 hour flight you’ll get as much Radiation as a chest X-Ray! Ionizing Radiation causes cell damage which can lead to long term health issues like cancer. Antioxidants from FOOD (like Flyer’s Armor) show decreased DNA damage in pilots! Here it is explained by a Doctor
Find out how Radiation causes damage and why it can cause Cancer in this short video from the Center for Disease Control
Did you know that in Europe ALL pregnant flight attendants are grounded with pay due to the radiation risk? Hear from former President of the USA Flight Attendant’s Union, Patricia Friend

If you’ve never heard of cosmic radiation, you’re not the only one. After all, you don’t see the NFL telling the players “frequent concussions are bad for you”. You certainly don’t see the cigarette companies telling you their product is dangerous. For the airlines, there’s just no incentive to tell you the truth about Radiation.

Ionizing radiation is everywhere in minuscule amounts. The sources aren’t entirely known, but most scientists think radiation comes from space events like solar flares, black holes and supernovae. The atmosphere protects us from almost all “cosmic” radiation which comes to the earth from those events. When you fly at commercial cruising altitudes though, there’s less atmosphere above you to block the ionizing radiation. Data shows that exposure is especially elevated above 30,000 ft. where commercial airlines cruise. Radiation travels right through the airplane without being stopped, not just at the windows.

NASA studies have shown that every five hours of airline flight at commercial altitudes exposes passengers to as much radiation as a Chest X-Ray, or walking through the airport scanner one thousand times. Some Doctors say three hours is more accurate!

Flyer’s Armor is an Organic Concentrated Superfood blend designed to help remove ionizing radiation from the body while providing hugely beneficial nutrients. The important part? Those nutrients are ALL FROM FOOD! Flyer’s Armor made from 100% organic foods, vitamins and essential minerals to offer in a small capsule.

The primary ingredient in Flyer’s Armor is Spirulina. In studies conducted on people around the world including Chernobyl victims, this organic superfood has proven to decrease levels of radiation while offering chemoprotective and radio-protective benefits.

Flyer’s Armor is used by military and commercial pilots, business travelers and tourists.

IF YOU FLY, Flyer’s Armor is for you.
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