Layover Lifestyle

Layovers are what you make them. We’re searching for the secret spots known only to pilots. Here’s one you won’t want to miss:

Qingdao, China

flyersarmor-lennon-barThe Lennon Bar – a Qingdao restaurant bar that is a home run! For about $7 (USA) you can get a great healthy “vegan” meal and a beer. The Szechwan Bean Curd is outstanding, and a great change if you have been in Asia for a while and tired of eating fish head-ish things with rice. They have a Filipino band every night that is also excellent.

Although I was the only westerner (non-Asian) in the place I was treated great and made a couple of friends in the 2 hours I was there. Final Analysis: Healthy food, cheap beer, and a great band. Airline pilots’ heaven. FYI: I ordered the “extra spicy” the first time I went; there is a hospital next door, and you are going to need it – as your mouth will feel like you’ve been sucking on the tail end of an old stove pipe jet motor on the B-707.

The Lennon Bar
#20 Zhuhai Rd, Qingdao, China (ZSQD)
Ph 8589-3899

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