“I realized my Dad has experienced 3,000 Chest-X-rays during his career—so far.”

Col. Walters with his children and nieces

The Flyer’s Armor story began when 19-year-old founder Elinor Walters overheard her father, a career pilot, and her mother discussing pilots’ exposure to massive amounts of ionizing radiation—and the rising number of cancer issues in pilots.

Five hours of flight time, she heard her father say, equaled a Chest X-Ray.

She knew her father, Colonel Greg Walters, had 15,000 hours above 25,000 feet.

“My Dad is a retired F-16 pilot, and now flies commercially. I realized he’s experienced 3,000 Chest-X-rays during his career—so far,” she says. “And he’ll be flying for another 15 years.”

Elinor began to research ionizing radiation and found that NASA testing confirmed the problem is real. She found even the major airlines were advising their pregnant crew members to fly shorter flights involving lower altitudes.

But nothing was being done.

With more research she stumbled across an organic superfood called Spirulina — a substance tested extensively by researchers in Russia, Ukraine, China, and India. The studies indicated Spirulina helps protect the human body from the effects of ionizing radiation.

Her father then referred to a family friend—Rae Indigo, a world-renowned Yogi and superfood expert.

Rae agreed to help, and together they dug into the international studies. Two particularly interesting studies were done with Chernobyl victims who were subjected to radioactive fallout when a nuclear power plant melted down. The studies showed “astonishing remission rates” among cleanup workers and children.

Seeking a second opinion, Elinor spoke with her uncle, Dr. John F. Walters, director of the Emergency Department at a regional hospital in Charleston, SC. Dr. Walters read the studies and told Ellinor they appeared well researched and promising.

Flyer’s Armor was born.

Elinor, Rae and her father they discussed the additional challenges faced by pilots, flight crews, and frequent flyers—stress, erratic sleep hours, long periods of sedentary flying, and the energy drain associated with jet lag.

The proprietary formula for Flyer’s Armor was developed to combat those issues. It is now available not just to professional aircrews but also to the general public.

Military and commercial pilots are now taking Flyer’s Armor. Now you can too.