Most people don’t know that they are exposed to ionizing radiation on EVERY FLIGHT.

Every five hours in the air equals ONE CHEST X-RAY, or a THOUSAND trips through the body scanner.

Obviously it is not in the best interest of airlines to make this information common knowledge– in fact they won’t even discuss it with their pilots. The fact is, however, NASA studies show the radiation exposure is a reality of flight. So if you’re unaware of this issue, you’re not alone.

Flyers Armor’s key ingredient is the super-food Spirulina which helps fight the effects of ionizing radiation. Why don’t you know about that, too? Because vitamins, herbs, and organic extracts are almost never researched in the USA.

Many countries, however, don’t have access to the miracles of American medicine, so organic remedies are often all they have. The result? Significant research has been conducted on the benefits of super-food aqua botanicals like Spirulina and AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae)–  both of which are in Flyer’s Armor. Studies in China, Russia, Ukraine, and India have shown that the ingredients in Flyers Armor help combat the effects of ionizing radiation.

Two of the studies following the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown even showed astonishing remission rates among clean-up workers and children.

Even the world-renowned Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute published informational web-pages on the ingredients in Flyers Armor with a clinical summary that states, “Animal studies suggest that Spirulina has chemoprotective and radioprotective effects.”

In addition, the site states “Studies performed in healthy humans suggest that AFA increases the level of circulating natural killer cells which protect the body. In vitro studies also suggest that AFA has antiviral and anti-mutagenic (mutagens are likely to be carcinogens) activity. Other studies suggested spirulina has chemo-protective and radio-protective effects in animals through the stimulation of the hemopoietic system.


RADIATION: When Spirulina was given to children living in a radioactive area, radioactivity levels in their urine dropped by 50% in 20 days.
In a study by L.P. Loseva and I.V. Dardynskaya. Sep 1993. Research Institute of Radiation Medicine, Minsk, Belarus. 6th Int’l Congress of Applied Algology, Czech Republic. (Belarus) findings stated “Spirulina, a natural food supplement, reduced urine radioactivity levels by 50% in only 20 days. Use of spirulina decreases radioaction dose load received from food contaminated with radionuclides, Cesium-137 and Strontium-90. Spirulina is favorable for normalizing the adaptative potential of children’s bodies in conditions of long-lived low dose radiation.


RADIATION/ALERGIES: Children living in radioactive areas have lower IgE, which causes allergy hypersensitivity. Spirulina normalized their IgE within six weeks.
In a study by L. Evets, et al. 1994. Grodenski State Medical Univ. Russian Federation Committee of Patents and Trade. Patent (19)RU (11)2005486. Jan. 15, 1994. Russia, findings stated “Immunoglobulin E (IgE) of children living in highly radioactive areas is greatly above normal. Studies with 270 children show that consuming about 5 grams per day of spirulina tablets normalized IgE within 6 weeks. Children not consuming spirulina did not change IgE levels. No side effects were observed. Spirulina lowers the amount of IgE in the blood, which in turn normalizes and reduces allergies in the body.


RADIATION: Spirulina promotes the evacuation of radionucleides (Atoms with excess nuclear energy) from the human body.
Sokolovskiy, V. Corres. from the First Secretary BSSR Mission to the United
Nations, May 20, 1991.

ANIMAL STUDY: Spirulina has chemo-protective and radio-protective benefits
A study published at, focused on Chemo- and radio-protective effects of Spirulina on the hemopoietic system of mice and dogs. The conclusion states: Spirulina has chemo-protective and radio-protective capability, and may be a potential adjunct to cancer therapy.


EXERCISE PERFORMANCE: Spirulina improves exercise performance and fat oxidation:
In a study published at, nine moderately trained males took part in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, counterbalanced crossover study on Spirulina. The conclusion was that “Spirulina induced a significant increase in exercise performance and fat oxidation.”


DIABETES: Spirulina shows promise as a “functional food” for diabetes management.
In a study published at, the findings suggest that spirulina is a promising agent as a functional food for diabetes management.


ALLERGIES: A patent was issued in Russia for using Spirulina to reduce allergy symptoms.
A study published at, states “Spirulina consumption significantly improved the symptoms and physical findings compared with placebo including nasal discharge, sneezing, nasal congestion and itching. Spirulina is clinically effective on allergic rhinitis when compared with placebo.